High Risk Car Insurance Other Than New York

Where can I find affordable high risk car insurance near me?  You may find what you need right here (469) 546-0021!

If you have had a DUI-DWI and need an SR22 your rates could double or triple in costs and affect everyone in your household that has a license and car insurance. Household members may be notified by their current insurance companies that they may be cancelled or non-renewed because of a “High Risk Driver” living at the same address. Our companies can help you fix this scenerio and keep peace in the house.

Also if you have had a few moving violations in the the last three years like speeding, wreckless driving, careless driving and other offenses all of which add points to your drivers history and could also put you in the high risk category and cause the same problems as those with a DUI-DWI.

Lastly, if you have had several accidents that caused your insurance company to pay more than $1,000.00 on one or more “At Fault Accidents” you could find yourself getting cancelled or non-renewed because you don’t fit the customer profile that your insurance company wants to keep.

Start your high risk or non standard auto insurance quote below. Be sure to include as much of the information that you are able too submit.

We’ll check at least 3 companies to find the best rate available for you and then email the results and follow up with a helpful phone call.  When you’re ready we will help you start your policy.



For high risk commercial insurance go to assignedriskinsurance.com/transportation.

P.S. *Pay attention to cancellation or non-renewal dates from your company. Policies usually end at 12:01 A.M. which means it will end a day before you think it will*.